Straightening sheets and heavy plates
Sheets, plates or quarto plates need to be straightened for different reasons.

One of the most common causes is located in the rolling process, in which can not be unevenness in the material physically avoid. Thus, most mills integrated straightening machines uses the residual heat of the hot-rolled sheets for the subsequent process of straightening. Depending on the material, these integrated straightening machines mostly allow only straightening up to a certain thickness.

Further reasons for unevenness resulting from thermal effects such as normalizing, annealing, mechanical separation, welding or burning the sheets. Before further processing, the unevenness or tension must first be eliminated.

The straightening of steel is our core competence. Customer satisfaction is our top priority here. In our center we straightening process orders quickly and reliably. Unevenness, transverse waves, are eliminated in the shortest possible time. Our many years of experience in straightening technology or forming technology we face again the challenges of our customers. When it comes to straighten short-wave plates, heavy plates, slabs or flat products, we are your partner. But we also process internal parts, blanks, firing blanks, flat steel, precision flat steel, billets, semi-finished products, pipes, shafts, precision plates, weldments, carrier, rails or profiles.

By machining or heat treatment, steel products can be deformed. It caused an unwanted unevenness. Possibly the products are then short-wave. BEB will help to eliminate these flatness tolerances. As a market-known service providers in the European steel industry, we are working mainly for known rolling mills, machine builders, hardening plants, combustion plants or steel trader.

We straighten in accordance with the DIN EN 10029 (normal / fine precisely) or by appointment also better than just fine. Through the years of experience of our employees we achieve evenness in the 1/10 mm range. At our site in Duisburg, we can also also warm straighten by existing soaking pits. This is necessary, for example with particularly thick but also in high-strength steel. On request, we carry out analyzes with a spectrometer.

We are your partner around the straightening.

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