Grinding Sheets And Plates
BEB is specialized in large-scale grinding of sheets, heavy plates and flat products. With the help of our machines we grind widths up to 4,000 mm. The length of material can hereby, in dependence on the thickness and the weight, amount to up to 25,000 mm. Usually we grind material from a thickness of 10 mm. BEB has in Bochum for several stone and Belt Grinding Machines.
Grinding With Stone

When processing the stone surface grinding is one of the innovative technologies BEB, for example, rolled-in scale or surface defects remove (coarse sanding). Depending on the number or depth of the defects, flaws can be eliminated partially or extensively. This is, for example, required before further rolling of slabs into finer sheets. Many precursors such as Slabs or billets as well as in finished products such as sheet finishing operations on materials are often necessary. Another field of application is in the thickness reduction to thicker strengths and grinding edges. Special knowledge of the material are needed for all of these activities.
Grinding With Belt

On the BEB belt grinding plants located thicknesses can in 1/10 millimeter reduce (fine-tuning). The special feature of this working method is the reduction in thickness parallel to the surface. Depending on the grit of our grinding belts (grain 24 - grain 600), we obtain very fine finishes. By applying a film, we can protect the material after the surface treatment from damage. On request, we carry out analyzes with a spectrometer or logged thickness measurements by an ultrasonic thickness gauge by.
Which materials do we grind?

Our specialty is the grinding (surface grinding / face grinding) of slabs, ingots, billets, semi-finished products, sheets, heavy plates, quarto plates or flat products, blanks, profiles, firing blanks, flame-cut parts or rails.
Which qualities do we grind?

unalloyed structural steel, fine grained steel, alloy steel, tool steel, nonferrous metals, titanium, tempered special steel, shipbuilding steel, pressure vessel steel, security steel (Secure, Ramor), non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, high-strength steel, wear-resistant steel, pure nickel, nickel-based alloys

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for us. In our center we edit orders quickly and reliably. Our many years of experience in straightening technology or forming technology we face again the challenges of our customers. We straighten according DIN EN 10029 or to customer requirements even better.

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