Rolling Of Steel
The rolling of flat products completes the extensive BEB deal. Semi-finished products, slabs, or plates or heavy plates are rolled up to a width of 2,000 mm in the rolling mill. Also stick can be rolled in different thicknesses.

The manufacture may within 7 - 14 days after the request dimensions of our customers. Depending on the degree of deformation caused sheets / heavy plates or slabs (flat products). The requirements can be heat treated in accordance with the material or remunerated (normalizing, stress relieving, quenching, tempering). For this purpose are available several pit furnaces and bell furnaces.

After rolling, the rolled-material reward, is directed to our straightening presses, depending on the flatness desired.

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Our services
rolling flat products
thickness: 50 mm - 700 mm
width: up to 2.000 mm
length: up to 15.000 mm
weight: up to 28 t

rolling billets
thickness/width: 121 mm - 131 mm, 160 mm - 180 mm, >299 mm
length/weight: according to the arrangement

unalloyed structural steel, fine grained steel, alloy steel, tool steel, nonferrous metals, titanium, heat-treated steel, stainless steel