Straightening Steel - Performance Program
The straightening of steel is one of our core competencies.

BEB has at its sites in Bochum and Duisburg a wide range of leveling machines. With nine hydraulic straightening presses, as well as three roller levelers most diverse materials, alloys and dimensions can be straightend.
Why do we straighten?

By machining, forming or thermal effects (heat treatment, flame cutting) are steel products may deform. It caused unintentional irregularities, cross waves or stresses to short-wave material. At the same time lead ever closer tolerances and more abrasive materials the industry is facing greater challenges expectant. The demands on the material to rise progressively. BEB helps eliminate flatness tolerances deliberately.

As a market-known service providers in the European steel industry, we are working mainly for known rolling mills, machine builders, hardening plants, combustion plants or steel trader.
How do we straighten?

Depending on the material different machines used to come with BEB steel.
Roller straightening systems ensure a rapid and effective processing of flat products. By staggered straightening rollers are eliminated unevenness and stresses.
Hydraulic straightening presses are used in thicker dimensions or high firmer qualities and are particularly powerful. Our straightening presses develop thereby a pressing force of up to 3,000 tons. It depends primarily on the experience and the skill of our employees, because each hydraulic straightening process must be deliberately set. Moreover, the material can also be straighten warm.
Which materials do we straighten?

Flat products such as sheets, heavy plates, slabs, continuously cast slabs. In addition, blanks, firing blanks, flat steel, precision flat steel, billets, semi-finished products, pipes, shafts, spindles, rods, precision plates, weldments, carrier, round material, rails or profiles.
Which qualities do we straighten?

Unalloyed structural steel, fine grained steel, alloy steel, tool steel, nonferrous metals, titanium, tempered special steel, shipbuilding steel, pressure vessel steel, security steel (Secure, Ramor), non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel, wear-resistant steel, pure nickel, nickel-based alloys.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for us. In our center we edit orders quickly and reliably. Our many years of experience in straightening technology or forming technology we face again the challenges of our customers. We straighten according DIN EN 10029 or to customer requirements even better.

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