Straightening Pipes
BEB steel has for decades been your partner when it comes to directing pipes.

Pipes and round materials need to be striaghtend from a variety of reasons. Thermal effects such as normalizing, annealing, mechanical separation, welding or burning could lead to irregularities. However, mechanical shock (eg cutting) can have negative influences on the flatness of the material.

BEB has at its sites in Bochum and Duisburg a wide range of leveling machines. The straightening of steel is our core competence. Unevenness or distortion are eliminated in the shortest possible time.

Als marktbekannter Dienstleister in der europäischen Stahlindustrie, arbeiten wir überwiegend für bekannte Walzwerke, Maschinenbauer, Härtereien, Brennbetriebe oder

We straighten in accordance with the DIN EN 10029 (normal / fine precisely) or by appointment also better than just fine. Through the years of experience of our employees we achieve evenness in the 1/10 mm range. At our site in Duisburg, we can also also warm straighten by existing soaking pits. This is necessary, for example with particularly thick but also in high-strength steel. On request, we carry out analyzes with a spectrometer.

We are your partner around the straightening.

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