Mission Statement
Christian standards of value

Christian standards of value are the foundation for acting responsibly with our employees, customers and suppliers for us. According to our understanding, a sustainable corporate philosophy, which acts efficiently, the environment and resources, and promoting staff, secure ongoing economic success. Forward thinking and acting to promote an optimal result. A steady maximize the profits at the expense of all those involved counteracts the humanly possible, and thus does not meet our expectations.
How are we different from others?

By anticipatory action, the many years of experience in the steel market and the thoroughly professional approach, BEB guarantees the customers a special service. In the field of steel processing BEB Stahlbearbeitung KG can so far be made usable again through the cold and hot forming unusable material.
Staff philosophy

Whether in sales, technics or in the administration: Good employees are the foundation of any business. They ensure the success - today and in the future. We are a family business and, in particular attach great importance to employee-friendly corporate culture.
What's important to us?

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority: owners and employees ensure that our customers are satisfied with the services, products and prices. We believe in the long-term and close cooperation with our customers.