About Us
BEB-Stahl is specialised in trading (BEB Stahlhandel GmbH & Co. KG) and processing (BEB Stahlbearbeitung KG) flat products.

For more than four decades the company, located in
Bochum and Duisburg (germany), stands for highest quality, flexibility and adherence to schedules.

straighten, grind and cut construction steel, fine grained steel, alloyed steel, tool steel, non-ferrous steel, titanium, tempered special purpose steel, shipbuilding steel, steel suitable for pressurized vessels and security steel. We process flat products, constructions, profiles, beams, tubes, billets ans shafts.

trade, roll out and deliver: flat products, slabs, continuously cast slabs, ingots, semi-finished products, sheets and plates, heavy plates and flame-cut parts. Customer requested rolled flat products can be delivered within a week or two.

Our experienced and dedicated members of staff fulfill the high aims of our clients, thus they are the backbone of our enterprise and its success. Our outstanding reputation is due to them. Our
QM system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 guarantees the high and consistent quality of our products and services.

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