Corporate Development
For over 40 years BEB stands for trading and processing of steel. See the following the most important events in its history:
1971 - Founded as Bau- und Edelstahl GmbH
1973 - Otto Nadrowski becomes one of the three shareholders
1976 - Moving into the industrial zone Josef-Baumann-Str., 4630 Bochum
1979 - Otto Nadrowski is the sole shareholder
1981 - Completion of the first own industrial hall and the office building
1988 - Founding of BEB Stahlbearbeitung GmbH
1993 - Expansion of office capacity by an additional floor
1997 - Construction of a second production hall
2003 - Opening a branch operation in Duisburg / investment in a 3000 t - straightening press for cold and hot straightening
2006 - Expansion of offices and social rooms in Bochum
2008 - Purchase of an adjacent, partially built, approximately 18,500 square meters of land in Bochum
2009 - Construction of a multi-purpose hall in Bochum
2011 - Transition of management to Karola Nadrowski and Christian Nadrowski