Cutting & Sawing

We cut your steel products individually to the required dimensions. With our modern machines, we ensure precise cuts with clean cutting edges. We select the ideal cutting process depending on your wishes and the requirements for the material.

Cut-off grinding

We use the cut-off grinding process to cut sheets, plates, slabs and billets of various dimensions and materials to the required sizes. The process is used especially for non-ferrous metals as well as high strength and alloyed steels.


Whether single or serial cuts, with our belt saws we process a wide variety of materials and dimensions with the highest precision: ranging from construction steel, and tool steel to titanium. With the use of our saws, we guarantee a particularly high cutting accuracy and excellent surface quality.


With our different cutting processes, we can generally cut material within the following dimensions. Please contact us for individual consultation on the cutting of different materials.

Cut-off grinding
Thickness: up to 400 mm
Width: up to 2,000 mm

Thickness: max. 1,000 mm
Width: max. 2,100 mm