With our 17 stone and belt grinding machines, we cover a wide range of possibilities. For example, we remove coarse surface defects, in particular cracks and scale defects to prepare steel and other metal products for further processing. On request, we can also provide a fine grinding in the tenth of a millimetre range with the required surface roughness. For example, we process all known semi-finished products as ingots, slabs or billets in the common shapes as either square, flat, round or polygonal. Furthermore, our experienced employees are at your disposal with advice and assistance.

Rough grinding

For rough grinding, for example to repair surfaces, we use the innovative technology of stone grinding. Defective parts can be treated selectively or in whole. In addition, we can grind your steel and metal products to a specific thickness or finish the edges.

Fine sanding

When it comes to precision grinding, our belt sanding system proves to be useful – we work in the range of tenths of a millimetre (max. +/- 0.3 mm) and can guarantee very fine and detailed surfaces if required.


With our different machines we can basically grind material in the following dimensions. Please contact us for individual consultation:

Thickness: 10 mm – 600 mm
Width: up to 3,000 mm
Length: up to 25,000 mm
Weight: up to 32 t (in special cases up to 50 t)
Material removal: max. 0.3 mm (belt grinding) or max. 3.0 mm (stone grinding) per working cycle