We are experts in the straightening of steel and other metal products. At our locations in Bochum and Duisburg, we have a unique range of eleven straightening machines, roller levelling machines and hydraulic presses. The expertise and many years of experience of our employees are necesssary when it comes to straightening. This ensures the high quality of our services.

Even the highest quality steel deforms under high stress or within the production process when heat treatment is involved. We eliminate unwanted unevenness and flatness deviations and thus extend the lifetime of your steel products – saving costs and resources.

Various components from different machine manufacturers can also be processed, e.g. roller tables, furnace rollers from plate rolling mills, annealing coasters, pressure and cooling plates, as well as shaft covers and other floor plates.

Roller levelling machines

Roller levelling machines enable fast and efficient processing of plates up to approx. 30 mm thickness, depending on the steel grade. Offset rollers eliminate unevenness and tension in the material. The max. width that can be processed is 3,400 mm.

Hydraulic straightening presses

Hydraulic straightening presses are particularly powerful and are used for thicker dimensions. When using their pressing force of up to 3,000 tonnes, our employees’ experience is of particular importance. The max. thickness here is approx. 700 mm.

Dimensions and materials

Tell us about your challenges and together we will find a solution. The variety of our straightening machines enables us to straighten a wide range of plates as well as other steel and metal products made of different materials and grades. Just get in touch with us.

Thickness: 3 mm – 700 mm
Width: up to 4,200 mm
Length: up to 25,000 mm
Weight: up to 32 t (in special cases up to 50 t)